Welcome to HandY Interactive.com The official site of the developers of Mr. Figgles!

Mr. Figgles is an amazing new game that is completely controlled by the mouse. The beauty of Mr. Figgles is in it’s simplicity. Combining mouse movement skill, with arcade action, in a ballet of creative cohesion.

The incredible Mr. Figgles will keep you playing on the edge of your seat for hours! Dash around collecting as many stars as you can before the timer runs down, then spend them on unique power ups or save them to get exclusive Mr. Figgles goodies!


• Easy to learn Mouse only gameplay! •
• Arcade and Relaxed Mode! •
• 100 Levels! •
• 10 Unique Areas! •
• 12 Incredible Powerups! •
• Win Stars Meta-Game! •
• Intensly Addicting! •
• In Game HI-Scores! •
• Small Download Size! •

Once you’ve won the game & unlocked casino mode, collect stars towards unlocking free figgles goodies!